«En Spanish, por favor» is a window to your dream of becoming a fluent Spanish speaker, here you will find information about my online classes, my podcast scripts where I give you tips for learning a new language; my life stories, vocabulary, a bit about Chile, and much more!

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¿Quién soy?

Hola, Mi nombre es Pamela.

Profe chilena, amante de los gatos, viajes, los idiomas y de conocer gente diferente.

He viajado por el mundo y vivido en Chile, Canadá, Australia y ahora en Suecia, por lo tanto sé por experiencia propia que hablar diferentes idiomas abre puertas y mentes.

Disfruto enseñando y compartiendo lo que sé con todas, todos y todes.

¿Por qué yo?

When we first meet, I will ask you some questions to know about your level and most importantly to learn about your interests and goals. Not everybody needs to learn a new language for the same reasons… so, why would I teach you all the same? Right?

I believe that lessons based on real-life Español are the key. I will put all my efforts into giving you real context, useful everyday vocabulary, no more old textbooks, please! You need to use Spanish in real life! That’s why I will teach you about culture as well. If you are interested in Chile, or Latin America, I will tell you everything I know… and if I don’t know something yet, I will find it out, trust me!